Friday, July 13, 2007

Borough Market - Southwark

The Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market at Embarcadero used to be one of my favorite Saturday morning activities when I lived in San Francisco. I cried the last time I went there, knowing I'd be moving soon and despairing of ever being able to shop from such variety of fresh organic fruit and veg ever again.

So, naturally, when I heard Borough Market compared to the Embarcadero Farmers' Market, I jumped on the bus.

Started in 1276, Borough Market is London's oldest food market. It's known as London's Mecca for foodies. While it's unfair to compare the fruit and veg with local produce in California, it certainly lives up to it's reputation in shear variety and quality. The food isn't cheap, but everything is fresh, artisan-quality and delicious.

Free range and organic eggs of all types.

Cheese has it's own wing. Local British cheese makers sell their wares alongside their European counterparts.

For those who like Turkish Delight, there's plenty to choose from.

For those who eat meat, organic ostrich is one of the choices.

Speaking of meat, there's a whole section devoted to pig.

And meat pies.

And don't forget the fruit and veg.

Borough High Street
Stoney Street and Winchester Walk
London, SE1 1TL

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Sian said...

OK its official, I think we might be the same person. I used to go to the ferry plaza most saturday when I lived at Mission and third. I now go to borough market most saturdays. how odd is that?

I have replaced my blue bottle coffee fixation with my monmouth coffee fixation.

labour and wait could be in Hayes valley, right? It would do just as well there as off of brick lane.

Am 10 months into Londonliving and it is just starting to feel like home.