Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Netto - Stamford Hill

Continuing with my series of weird budget grocery stores, I was drawn to Netto by the cute logo I've seen on bags all over town. Their motto is, "Why pay more when you can pay less?" It seems straightforward enough. Shoppers have to pay for their bags, but the prices on everything else are cheap, cheap, cheap.

The layout of the store is very strange, and doesn't seem to follow any logical order. Soap, next to canned fish, next to bread, next to lightbulbs, and so on.... This is fine for those of us who like to shop by going up and down each aisle, not so good, though, for those in a hurry who like to run straight to the item they came for, then leave.

and what's with the strange gate system at the entrance?

158 Clapton Common
Stamford Hill
London, E5 9AG


Anonymous said...


5 bottles of wine for £2 - i think i'll go there tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

the peckham and acton branches don't have the special offers - what a swiz.

as i live in peckham i'm not going to travel all the way to clapton.

the peckham store is dirty and dingy with sticky residue all over the floor and the stock isn't anything to write home about.

most of the `cheap` produce could be obtained or tesco or morrissons at an equivalent price and in a much nicer shopping environment.

is netto franchised?

that might be an explanation as to why the offers aren't in all stores