Monday, July 16, 2007

Starting Early - Shopping for Children

Shopping is not the typical subject for a board book, but that's exactly what Judith Wilske and André Erlen have written about in a nice little piece of propaganda for children, My First Shopping Book, the why do you shop book for children.

Take a look at the ten golden rules, according to Wilske & Erlen:

1. Shopping is important!

2. Don't let anyone stop you; your desires are important!

3. Always take enough money with you!

4. Don't go to shops with unfriendly staff!

5. If you like something, buy it!

6. When in doubt, buy it anyway!

7. Never wear second-hand clothes. Buy them yourself!

8. Refuse any home-made gifts!

9. Buy things your friends can't afford!

10. Insist on being able to shop on Sundays too!

If I didn't think it was a joke before, the excessive use of exclamation points proves it.

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