Friday, July 27, 2007

Battersea Boot - Battersea

What's this line for?

The best boot in London. Ever.

But who would by those bears dressed up in Harley outfits? Bears? Leather Daddies? I suppose it shows there's something for everyone.

Speaking of useless items that other people may find strange, here's a sample of recent things I've bought here in the past two months. Keep in mind, I rarely pay over £2 for anything:

A light up globe from the 70s
An antique sampler
A glass casserole dish from 1953, commemorating the coronation
Beano, Beezer, & Dandy Annuals in near-unread condition
A set of blue pyrex from the 50s
Glass cannisters from the 1940s, made in Italy & the UK (50p each)
A shelf from the Tate
A crockpot
A "mod" lampshade from the 70s
Various books, knick knacks and soaps

It's well worth the 30p admission

Every Sunday at:

Battersea Technology College
Battersea Park Rd (A3205)

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