Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hamleys -- Regent Street

Hamleys is one of those magical toy stores that can drive even the most well-behaved children into a frenzy of greed, while causing adults to wax nostalgically for the nonexistent "good old days" of childhood. There are no new-agey ideas that boys and girls should play with the same toys here. The fifth floor, labeled "Boys Toys" is chockablock with toy weapons and action figures. The third floor, "Girls" is a pink riot of baby dolls, Barbies and arts and crafts sets. Computer games and Lego are wisely placed in the basement, along with science toys. Perhaps as a nod to the adults buying things for themselves, train sets dominate the floor called "Hobbies."

The non-PC Golly seems to be banished from the shelves but it still seems to be OK to sell prostitute dolls to little girls.

Is it my imagination, or does Superman have breasts?

188 - 196 Regent Street
0870 333 2455

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