Sunday, December 24, 2006

Billy's Bakery -- Greenwich Village

Do not try to buy a cake here the day before Christmas Eve. You will be turned away, even though there are several cakes on display, ready to be sliced. Do not try to order a cake to pick up the next day, especially if you already tried to buy one minutes before. You will be sent away with nothing but a cupcake. The cupcakes are fair to middling, but the frosting is fantastic. It's good enough to convince me to go back again and try the red velvet cupcakes on a day when they're not sold out, or annoyed by too many pesky customers.

Note to self: Next time wear all black and affect an air of disinterested aloofness.

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katrina said...

this may be coming a little bit late in response to your comment, but i just thought i would enlighten you on the subject of sales at billy's bakery, as i work there.

the reason that we can't sell you those full and lovely cakes on display is because they might be the only ones we have left. unfortuneately the house comes first, so any whole cakes that we have need to be kept for the sale of individual slices. sorry.

the second thing, cakes orders are pretty big. they've got to be made at least 24 hours in advance so we know what the bakers need to bake for the next morning. seeing as we do so much business, we can only take a certain number of cake orders per day. it's all first come first serve.

but please, come into billy's anytime you'd like! we're pretty friendly, and we like colorful people. thanks for letting me rant!