Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fear is the New Pathos - Brick Lane

I've noticed many appeals to fear in recent advertising. The anti-smoking hooked ads are so scary the campaign was pulled due to public complains. The Ribena march of the lemmings ads, though funny, have a certain horror movie sensibility. Then there's the ad illustrated above for Obey clothing.

Is it just in London, or is it everywhere? Certainly evocative ads create a message that sticks in the mind of the observer. This reminds me of th Benetton ads of the 90s. While the Obey ad is graphically appealling, is the message appropriate in a city with a swelling group of militant religious fundamentalists? What is the call to action here: Embrace the veil? Oppose war in Iraq? or buy Obey products?


Madame X said...

Thanks for linking to my site-- if you get a chance, could you update it to my new URL,
Love all the London info, I'll definitely be back for some tips the next time I go there!

Rachella said...

Hey Madame X -- I fixed your link. I love your site & read it several times a week. Now if only I could follow some of the financial advice....