Friday, May 25, 2007

Lidl - Wathamstow, Finsbury Park

Worst. Store. Ever.

I didn't think anything could get any more depressing than Big Lots. I was wrong. LIDL is filthy. Most of the stock was stacked along the wall in boxes. The cheese is injected with cheddar flavour and to add insult to injury, customers have to pay for bags.

This is the Finsbury Park LIDL, not much better.

Sterling Way
N18 2XZ London/Edmonton

269 Seven Sisters Road
Finsbury Park,


Anonymous said...

foolishness! lidl, like aldi, is awesome. only asda is better in the uk

if you want depressing id recommend netto in peckham

Anonymous said...

Lidl is great!
Very stupid comment, especially:

"to add insult to injury, customers have to pay for bags"!

The idea is to encourage people to bring their own bags/backpacks, etc, to avoid plastic bags, or at least to use them again!!!! Environmental friendly!!!

Anonymous said...

I do shoppings in Lidl ewery week, And I like this. You can find there wery good products for good prices. And When I go there i take my back pack. It's good that You have to pay for bag. Bag is unnesery rubish, so pay for utilization if You're too layzu to think. ;p