Saturday, February 04, 2006

Trouble at Target - Colma

I’m going to miss shopping at Target. Yes, I know it’s a big box store filled with crap made in China by exploited workers. It’s a guilty pleasure. I would never even think of shopping at the evil union buster WalMart, but is Target just as bad? Probably. I’m going to have to say good bye to my good buys on disposable fashion, even if it includes Fiorucci and Luella Bartley frocks.

I came to this resolve for purely selfish reasons. On a recent shopping trip to Target, my shopping buddy tried to return a tracksuit that he had buyer’s remorse on. It was, of course, in pristine condition, complete with original receipts. The over fastidious customer service manager wouldn’t let him return it. Of course I was there, sticking my big nose into something that wasn’t even my business. “Why not?”

“Because it wasn’t bought here.”

“What do you mean? Here’s the receipt. It says Target.”

“It wasn’t bought at this Target. This is sold at the Tanforan Target. We can’t resell it.”

“What,” I asked, getting shriller. “That’s only two freeway exits away. That’s ridiculous. It’s not like it came from a Target in New York.” After all, wasn’t that one on the points of shopping chain stores? Aren’t they all supposed to be equal? “Where’s the manager?” I asked.

“I am the manager.”

“Forget it,” said my friend. “I’m going into the mall. I can buy my stuff at Longs.” He left.

Of course I was not content to drop it and shop at Longs, after driving out of the city for my Target fix. I found another “manager” and asked for a customer comment card. “I’m never going to shop at Target again!!!” I wrote (note the explanation marks.). I left my full address, but haven’t received a reply yet; I’m sure I won’t.

5001 Junipero Serra Blvd
Colma, CA 94014

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