Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Worst. Shopping Day. Ever. - Oxford Street

This photo was taken at Selfridges on Boxing Day. Debenhams was even worse. At one point, I was stuck in a stairway were the people going up the stairs collided with the people going down, in such a way that we were all jammed up and no one could move. Scary! Even worse, the escalator was so overburdened that it blew up (when I was on it). People kept crowding onto the escalator, despite the billowing smoke that smelt like a burning vacuum cleaner belt. The fire brigade was called.

If the crowd doesn't convince you that shopping on Boxing Day is a bad idea, here is a photo of the merchandise. The observant will notice that some of this is from several seasons ago. Espadrilles in winter, anyone?

I had to do it once, but never again. In a city like London, where every brand has it's own boutique, there really is no need to brave the crowds, even for the allure of the yellow bag.

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