Friday, November 30, 2007

Angels Fancy Dress - Covent Garden

The day before Halloween, the lines are out the door at Angels Fancy Dress in Covent Garden. Angels specializes in costumes for rent offering a vast selection, but the store also carries a good selection of wigs and accessories for sale.

119 Shaftesbury Avenue
Covent Garden, London

020 7836 5678


Anonymous said...

I have never seen the hire shop but the range to buy at the Angels Fancy Dress site is huge.

Online Fancy Dress Shops UK said...

Basically, the idea is that the ladies will be in angel fancy dress costume and the men will dress as devils. However, two of the guests, husband and wife Micky and Louise, have decided it will be fun to indulge in a bit of role reversal.For more information visit us at:-Fancy Dress.

Outdoor said...

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