Saturday, October 06, 2007

James Selby - Holloway

James Selby is a charmingly weird old department store. Unlike Liberty which is graciously old, James Selby just seems like it hasn't been redecorated since the 80s. It's a bit like a DIY project that's been added to bit, by bit over the years with none of the new construction matching the old. The merchandise follows the same principle. Upstairs, shoppers can buy sewing notions, polyester granny smocks and aprons, low end Wedgewood lines, Pyrex, and linens. A nice range of linens is offered from practical no-iron percale to sheets and pillows by Monsoon. On the ground floor, clothes are grouped into boutique-like clusters. Evans has a section, so does Monsoon, so does Top Shop. Cosmetic counters in the front sell everything from Fashion Fair to Corres.

386-400 Holloway Road
N7 6PR

020 7607 2466
Nearest Station Holloway Road


James said...

My Grandfather, James Selby, used to own this store. He married Kate Raynor and they had two children; my mother, Joyce and John. I remember being a child and shoping there with Grandma...I thought it was a 'fairy tale'.

Anonymous said...

It must be really nice for you that they've kept the name and haven't changed it much over the years. Thanks for the snippet of history! I have very fond memories of shopping here with my parents at Christmas when I was a child. It's so brilliant that it's still there on Holloway Road, and still the same!

Anonymous said...

James Selby is brilliant! There is not a thing that can't be bought there; everything from haberdashery, curtains, kitchen utensils, clothing, furniture - all under one small roof. Even obscure itmes can be found there - it has never let me down yet. I hope it stays as it is.

Anonymous said...

This quirky place is quite vital for the area, there is nothing around for miles that can compete, people in this area of north London haven't got much shopping facilities, Archway is dying, Highgate has nothing, Angel is just clothes, Camden is not very useful for household stuff, and Finsbury Park...? This is a genuine department store and I am always impressed by the quality of its products behind the unassuming exterior. Serious Meyer and other funky pots & pans, good deals on Britta filters and Brabanita stuff, tons of pillows and furnishings and you can get hold of Clinique products as well. Has even got a nice Top Shop concession and had a rare Mexx one too (Mexx are pulling out of the UK). Womens clothing ranges tend to be much better than the mens. Worth a visit, ignore the early 80's decor, pay attention to the content and you'll be surprised. I hope this gem stays open. I really think with proper investment this place could be the hub of shopping activity in this important but much neglected area.

CarolineK said...

Interesting post. As a Holloway Road resident and advocate, it's nice to hear positive things said about the road's greatest asset!
Also, James, I'd love to write a piece on James Selby for my blog and and info you have would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me on