Sunday, April 01, 2007

Portobello Green -- Notting Hill

If Portobello Market is a bit too rich, Portobello Green may be just right. Less antiques (none) fill the stalls, but there is plenty of vintage, and just plain used stuff to be had. Artists, jewelry makers and seamstresses sell their wares too.

Suitable for vegetarians? Expect to find the quirky and unusual, like these non-sweatshop made trainers. They look a bit like an art student made them.


London Chica said...

Hey, I bought some of these shoes at Portabello and they are COOL! - I'd rather have shoes made by art students (which I don't think they are btw) than kids!

Portabello is THE place for cool, independant stuff like these. Also, check out Spitalfields another hub for independant fashion and Upmarket round the corner is getting pretty good too.

Rachella said...

Being made by art students is certainly not an insult -- it beats being made by children.

Portabello Green is a bit more down market than Spitalfields or Sunday Up Market, but, in a way, that makes it better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah , Portobello Green Market is cool , I found a wesite on it at