Monday, October 30, 2006

Martin + Osa -- Westfield San Francisco Centre

If you want to wear pajamas all day, but don’t want to look like you're doing so, Martin + Osa has created the perfect comfy wardrobe. Their casual, yet polished clothes are great for Rick Nics who subscribe to the philosophy of travelling with only one carry-on, but don't want to look disheveled.

The people at Forth & Towne have it all wrong. Over 35s don't want to look chic in polyester blend tops and high waisted, side zipped cords. We'd rather wear tailored trousers made out of t-shirt material and silken tanks in jewel colors under soft woolen henleys with ballet slippers in winter colors, including metallic. If you're not a ballet slipper type of girl, Martin + Osa also sells limited release Pumas, New Balance and Asics trainers in colors that are stylish, but not too trendy.

These sporty travel clothes are nearly smart enough to wear to work. Who am I kidding? Any place that's a bit more age appropriate than Delias is a step up for me.

845 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94104

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Anonymous said...

I heart M+O - I don't even want to tell people about it cause I like it to be my secret - I'm living in their skirts and cashmere sweaters and everyone asks me who I'm wearing...I also got a ton of stuff for the B.F. who finally dresses like an adult...